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October 8, 2013

The final episode of The IT Crowd aired on September 27, 2013. We were happy to hear of the reunion like many fans of the series. It gave us another chance to say goodbye to Roy, Moss, and Jen. But it also made us want more. Many times reunion episodes disappoint us, but this was not the case for The IT Crowd.

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Game Over, Old Sport!

Game Over, Old Sport IT Crowd Shirt

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I Want To Be Inside You

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Choose Your Weapon

Roll the dice and choose your weapon, and your fate with this shirt from J!NX.

Caffeine Powers, Activate!

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June 16, 2011

Series four of the hit English sitcom "The IT Crowd" is newly available on Netflix Instant. The series starring Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry became a smash on England's Channel 4 in 2006 and has been a hip DVD pick up in America ever since it first came available. Now fans of The IT Crowd in the US can watch all four six episode series of "The IT Crowd" on their computers and gaming devices via Netflix.com.

"The IT Crowd" stars Chris O'Dowd, recently of the hit movie "Bridesmaids" where he played the love interest of star Kristen Wiig, as Roy, a dyspeptic member of the IT department of a company called Reynholm Industries. Roy is joined in the department by Moss played by Richard Ayoade, an overgrown child whose nerdiness is only surpassed by his quiet genius.

Roy and Moss are overseen by Jen played by Katherine Parkinson who runs the IT Department despite having little to no knowledge of computers. Jen's main employment is often dealing with the lascivious troubles caused by Reynholm Industries' blustering, misogynist CEO Douglas Reynholm, played by the brilliant comic Matt Berry.

The show was created by Graham Linehan who has written and directed each of "The IT Crowd's" 24 episodes. While it would be easy to label "The IT Crowd" as a workplace comedy; the genius of the show comes in Linehan's expert plotting which weaves the various troubles of the three members of the IT department into one intricate comic plot with often miraculously funny precision.

In episode one of Series Four Jen's simple attempt to become Reynholm Industries Entertainment Manager turns slowly into an elaborate Godfather parody leaving Jen in the role of the doomed brother of Michael Corleone, Fredo. The remarkable payoff and the ingenious timing of this remarkable cast make this simple parody an uproarious success.

With Series Four of "The IT Crowd" now available on DVD and on Netflix Instant talk turns to Series Five. According to DenofGeek.com, Series Five of "The IT Crowd" is in the works and will be the show's last series of episodes. No word yet on whether production has begun or when Series 5 of "The IT Crowd" will air on England's Channel 4 or be made available on DVD and Netflix for the show's US fans.

For now fans will simply have to tide themselves over with the first four series of "The IT Crowd" now available at Netflix.com.

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