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Episode 1: Venn Diagram Shirt

Roy is seen wearing this "Venn Diagram shirt" in this episode of The IT Crowd. It reads "Music I Like" to "Music I Used To Like" to "Music You Like" from the left to right. Musical Elitism shirt from Diesel Sweeties

The Cake is a Lie Shirt

Do you like cake? Roy does and displays his affection on this shirt. It features an orange cake with a candle! Cake is a Lie via Jinx

Episode 2: Battle Royale Shirt

Roy is seen wearing a shirt from the film "Battle Royale" after being kissed by Moss. This is a great shirt from a great film, but sadly it is currently out of print. Hope to see it available soon. Unavailable

Pixelated Kermit Shirt

Roy is wearing a pixelated kermit the frog shirt from the muppets. There is some pixelated text below. Sadly this shirt can not be found online. Unavailable

Firefighter Shirt

Featuring firefighters and the number 451, a reference to the book Farenheit 451 (the degree at which paper will burn). Firefighter Shirt from Enclothe

Episode 3: Internet Tubes Shirt

This shirt worn by Roy reads, "A Series of Tubes" - a quote from former Alaskan senator Ted Stevens describing Net Neutrality. Previously available from ThinkGeek, but no longer available. Unavailable

Ludovico Technique Shirt

This shirt features the text "Brodsky & Branom Ludovico Technique" with a logo to the side. Be like Roy and try it on! Ludovico Technique via LETN

Episode 4: Alien Comic Shirt

This is a funky little comic shirt Roy is caught wearing. It's hard to make out what it says and harder to find online. Contact us if you know where this shirt is from. Unavailable

My Pet Monster Shirt

My Pet Monster shirt is worn by Roy in the 4th episode of the 3rd season. It's hard to find so if you know where a place to purchase is, let us know! Unavailable

The Overlook Hotel Shirt

The Overlook Hotel is open for reservations. Located in the Colorado Rockies and inspired by The Shining by Stephen King. Overlook Hotel via PopupTees

Episode 5: Filthy Panda Shirt

This "Filthy Panda" t-shirt appears in the 5th episode of The IT Crowd. Filthy Panda via Play

Amorphia Shirt

The Amorphia shirt features the text "We can live. We can both live." Amorphia via Play

Twinkletoes Shirt

Shirt reads "Laugh This Off, Twinkletoes" and can be found on Play. Seen worn by Roy in Episode 5! Twinkletoes via Play

Episode 6: No Good Shirt

While Roy is putting Moss through a photoshoot, he is seen wearing this maroon shirt. It reads, "Nothing is any good if other people like it" - Agree? Nothing is any good shirt via DieselSweeties

Pixelated Bert and Ernie Shirt

Roy is wearing this awesome Bert and Ernie shirt from Sesame Street. They're pixelated too! Pixelated Bert and Ernie via AtomRetro

Pac Man Ghost Party Shirt

Look at all the ghosts! This is a handmade screen printed shirt on 100% Cotton. They use high quality ink and shirts are available from S - XL Pac Man Ghost Party via Etsy

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