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Season 4, Episode 1 Quotes

Moss: (To Roy) Oh shut up dump-o, the elephant that got dumped!
(Mr. Reynholm in his office with a group of women)
Jen: Mr. Reynholm, I really need to talk to you about something.
Mr. Reynholm: Ah, Jen! I'd like you to meet some very special women.
Jen: Ooh, no no no...
Mr. Reynholm: What?
Jen: Mr Reynholm, I will not work with prostitutes. Mr. Reynholm: No. no, these are feminists...
Jen: You can dress it up however you'd like, but they still sleep with men for money. I'm sorry, no offence, but I don't charge for these potatoes, and I don't like women who do.
Mr. Reynholm: Don't listen to her, the bitch is crazy!

Season 4, Episode 2 Quotes

(Moss bursts into the office)
Moss: I did it! I did it! I've been accepted!
Roy: No!
Jen: What's going on?
Moss: I've been accepted! I applied, and they said yes!
Jen: Who said yes? What are you talking about? Moss.. Moss, you're shaking!
(Cuts to the set of Countdown with Moss as a contestant)
Moss: Consonant, please.

Season 4, Episode 3 Quotes

(Jen and Roy are at a Sweet Billy Pilgrim show)
Roy: I'm going to go dance at the front.
Jen: Aren't you a bit old for the front?
Roy: I'm 31!
Teenager: Good for you mate!

Season 4, Episode 4 Quotes

Jen: (Speaking gibberish italian)

Season 4, Episode 5 Quotes

(The computer controlling the bomb-disposal robot has crashed)
Moss: What kind of operating system does it use?
Police: Errm.. its Vista!
Moss: We are going to die!

Season 4, Episode 6 Quotes

Jen: Well um, have you told her yet?
Reynholm: Kind of. I changed my FriendFace profile from "Married" to "It's Complicated"
Jen: Can you, uh, come and help me sort through all this legal crap, please, Moss?
Moss: I'd rather not, I've not had good experiences with the legal system.
Jen: How come?
Moss: Well, when I was 11 I broke the patio window and my mother sued me.
(Sweating nervously at the stand in court)
Moss: My mother sued me.
Judge: Relax, take your time, and try to answer the questions as clearly as you can.
Moss: Thank you, my love.
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