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Episode 1: RTFM Shirt

Roy is wearing this "RTFM shirt" in the debut episode of The IT Crowd. The shirt features Chairman Mao and the text "RTFM" - Don't know what RTFM means? Google is your friend. RTFM Shirt via Zazzle

Episode 2: 10 Points Shirt

You can catch Roy wearing a Space Invaders t-shirt in the second episode of The IT Crowd. This shirt has an orange space invader with the text "10 Points" written below him (or her). Unavailable

Episode 3: The Imports Shirt

Sadly, The Imports shirt was made especially for this episode, and no such shirt exists for purchase. Seems to be one of the only shirts made only for the show.

Lightning Bolt Shirt

Roy sports this lightning bolt t shirt in episode 3 as well. Lightning Bolt Shirt via Zazzle

Episode 4: Pac-Man Shirt

There are 256 stages in Pac-Man. Reach the final stage and this is what you will see. Roy is caught wearing this classic shirt in the 4th episode of The IT Crowd. Pac-Man 256th Level Shirt from ErrorWears

Episode 5: Pink Guitars Shirt

Another shirt worn by Roy featuring two guitars.
Pink Guitars Shirt via Zazzle

Episode 6: Ladys Problems Shirt

Featuring Roy and Moss.
Lady Problems via CafePress

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