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Episode 1: Dog Lady Shirt

Are you into dogs and females? Well this shirt is for you. Featuring a silhouette of a ladydog as seen in this episode. Dog Lady via SpreadShirt

Episode 2: Dumb People Shirt

Roy is wearing the "I See Dumb People" t-shirt in the second episode in The IT Crowd. The shirt references the classic line in the well-known film, The Sixth Sense. "I See Dumb People" via Zazzle

Retro Futurism Shirt

The next t-shirt from episode 2 of The IT Crowd features Roy in a blue shirt. The design features a robot using a retro computer, the future meets old school. Retro Futurism from Insanely Great Tees

Episode 3: "meh." Shirt

One of those days? Roy thinks so with his "Meh" t-shirt. These three letters will tell everyone how you're feeling about the day. A great look for casual Friday or a day at the mall. Meh T-Shirt from ThinkGeek

Episode 4: Pirate Flag Shirt

Pirates. Roy likes to show his love for Pirates with this great Jolly Roger Pirate shirt as seen in Episode 4 of The IT Crowd. Sail the seven seas with this great t-shirt. Jolly Roger Shirt from Insanely Great Tees

Episode 5: Sun Killing Me Shirt

The Sun Is Trying To Kill Me Shirt worn by Roy in The IT Crowd! Featuring an illustrated sun with facial expression, it looks like a great shirt to buy!
Sun Killing Me Shirt from J!NX

Never Forget Shirt

The Never Forget shirt is very hard to locate, but we've found a very similar design, check it out! Contact us if you can help us locate the real one!
Never Forget via CafePress

Ctrl+Z Shirt

Later in episode 5, Roy is seen wearing this Ctrl+Z shirt. As we all know, Control + Z will Undo your previous action. Magic EraserShirt via IGT

Episode 6: Magic Missiles Shirt

Roy is caught wearing this shirt in episode 6 of season 2 in The IT Crowd. The front shows the Magic Missles graphic and the back reads "Guns don't kill people, Magic Missiles do." Magic Missles shirt from Jinx

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